We should be tight like glue
But you make everything about you
It's all complicated,with things no one anticipated
But you should know, No one
Loves you quite like I do
We make such big deals out of the little things
We argue and separate with very little change
Layers of anger built up
Because no one wants to talk, so we stay stuck
But still no one loves you quite like I do
You should be my place of security
Instead you add on to my insecurities
Thought I'd learn from you how to treat someone and one another
No warmth from my father, always dependent upon my mother
No sisterhood, I only asked for one brother
Loss of values and commitment
Because we get carried away
With competition, wanting recognition for what we lack
Your loyalty shows only when I'm in trouble
What a major set back
I thought you loved me more than that?
All I'm really asking for is you
No strings, But for our relationship to be renewed
We are becoming very few
While we're still here you should know that
No one loves you quite like I do

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