We are family with the same blood pumping through our veins.
We are family but we are not all the same.
Each have our own path and roads to travel.
Each our own experiences that helps us grow or unravel.
Life throws you to the left and to the right.
Sometimes you fall and sometimes you reach great heights.
We have our own visions and have our own thoughts and it doesn’t matter if it’s right or who says what.
We seek the same things in this life as we grow.
To meet someone who makes us happy and helps us be a better person while on that road
Do we always succeed? To that I have to say NO.
It goes good for some but not for everyone we know.
There once was a time when we all would get together.
To eat and to drink no matter what type of weather.
We shared good times and bad times just the same. We laughed we cried we celebrated life. Together for no reason sometimes.
I have a lot of memories of these moments shared.
Our volleyball games, BBQs, Holiday dinners and such. It was obvious that our family loved eachother so much. Can we get it back?
It was never gone. Just on hold because we’ve all moved on.
We do our own thing we’re busy living life. Some of us going left and some of us going right.
One thing’s for sure as we all go our ways. Nothing can take from those memories we’ve saved.
You see when we were together those time. That was our FAMILY that GOD intertwined.
He put us on Earth to help when we could. To share in that laughter, celebration and food.
We took from those times one thing all the same. Those memories of FAMILY when we’re feeling strange.
So as you sit and wonder why we’re not together remember those days they’re with you forever. Remember how you felt when you went home that day. Like there’s nothing or no one that could take it away.

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