Its sad that the children of our mommy and daddies
Must grow with the thought
That our fists are our emotions and
They must witness the turmoils of this world
And realize,
True love isn't true and your house
Isn't a place to call home
Some don't even got a mommy to look up to
And gotta survive with what the world throws at them
Some get new daddies each year and soon they lose count
With no location of their actual daddy
Because none of them had cared for their child
Some cant even call their family family
Because they never did anything called love
And not even a little bit of warmth
Was given with love given to their addictions
Call them strangers and children could recognize them
Some wont look their family in the eye with the fear
That their fists will be thrown
And the cycle of emotions start again
Our babies feel the pain out daddies felt
And instill that to the next babies and forever
I wish for a min I felt what it means to love a home
But then what does it mean to love
Because no one ever thought me that word

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