Family Bonds

One day many years ago I was given a card from my daughter;
> it read Daddy we have been through a lot. However I will love you
> forever and always I really will. Than 12 years later I had a knock at
> my door and a young lady with a question for me.
> I said come inside and have a seat. I have a story, it will help you
> see.
> Along my journey I had a visit from an angel he said son, son come
> take a walk with thee.
> I got out of bed and started to cry, he said don't be afraid, I have a
> gift from up high. He handed me a book and explained it to me.
> It was full of grace, mercy, and love; The way, the truth and life
> from above. And promise to set me free.
> I opened that book and started to read, I fell to my knees and began
> to believe, Lord, Lord you have opened my eyes, and from that day I
> began to see.
> So young lady I gift you a gift. One that was freely given to me.
> You see; By His blood, His death, and His life, He has given us
> victory.
> I was told this good news through the gospels of LOVE, all from the
> Lord above.
> He said son, son don't be afraid I have come to set you free.
> My daughter looked up and stared to cry, she said I don't understand
> can you tell me why? I have live a life deserving to die.
> She opened the book and her tears began to dry she looked over to me
> and with one big sigh, She said daddy I love you and I always will,
> forever and ever I really will.
> Can you please help explain this to me.
> I sat down beside her and took her hand and than we began to read.
> We said: Lord, Lord blessed be your name; our King our savior,
> our God of Love....Thank you for setting us free.
> Than she said: Now daddy, daddy what do we do with this free gift that
> was given to me and you. I said, my baby, my darling, my young lady,
> this gift that was given, given to me was also given to you, you see.
> So take this take this gift and don't go astray, stay on the path and
> follow the way. Take this gift that comes from above don't ever let go stay in HisLOVE.NowGoAndGiveItAway

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