Family, Friends, Money, Love

Family. love. what else is there in life.
Funny times represent happiness, family and friends alike.
Bad times represent depression,
there's no escape from what is about to hit.
No clues just hidden blues. All of what makes up life,
will fade away
with each tear you wipe, another will follow.
you'll begin to hate it all.
to wonder why, what are they here for.
Don't get sad, happiness will set in yet again. you wont know when.
cant even say why. but when it does.
you'll love all, family, friends and money.
Can you tell the difference between happiness and pretending?
Well only time can. time will give you that answer.
May it be to late, may it be to soon.
No one will know except you.And you'll be the judge.
The judge of yourself.
All these things are put here to bring you up,
and there's never an up without a down.
Don't frown. To frown on your life is to give up.
That's the easy way.
You have to take it and live. Live with what you got and wait.
You'll experience it all, from love to hate.
In the end none of it will matter once again!

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