Family Man

The vigorous emotions one feels
for those of the same blood in most cases,
is an undeniable curse.

Decades of bonding; constructing indubitable sentiment
intertwined with years of unpaid arrears
leaves one not only defenseless, but at the beckoning call
of the family who stood by them all those years.

At least that is, how a Family Man would sympathize.

Nevertheless how blood makes him feel,
he would anguish at the notion of him exiting,
without paying his unattainable debt.

But can the Family Man ever pay off such an impossible obligation?
The sum of money spent, can be reimbursed.
But how does one remunerate the toll of "love" and "compassion"?

So he quietly lingers around those of kindred he owes
for a lifetime of gratitude.
Dismissing his own internal solicitude
that entices him to flee onto freedom.

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