Family matters

Family Matters
By Maximus Frias
The money coming faster, but still I'm losing hours
Just a humble tasker
Grindin for a silver platter, Family matters
Got me overflowing, Like a leaky bladder
Think that if you rapping
That you prone to chatter, or a caption
What would happen if I was the latter
Ate your heart way down to seven pounds
But you still getting fatter
We been going for eleven rounds
Don't let my baby splatter
Said you "in love," so I took off the wrapper
She want a gentlemen to settle in
Crushed up blunt, she used to pedaling them sediments
Kicked out her clique and now it settin' in
Have my baby then she heaven sent
In terms of fathers mine's irrelevant
Concurs my bothers are irreverent
Then she had told me the baby was a lie, I
Can't help but experience depression
Expressin' my aggression,
to some people who just don't deserve it
She really evil I used to think she perfect
To think that I was nervous she ain't worth it

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