Family Values

Dream Catchers, egg hatchers, baby Snatchers,
weed wackers, lip smackers, online hackers,
bitch slappers, hand clappers, exotic flappers,
lazy slackers, suitcase packers,& back stabbers.

Hate & defeated, cheat & feel the heat.
Too weak & petite.
Tales of hell, wishes on a well,
thoughts are things you can't always sell.
Sometimes words can be lies liars tell.
One day to your death to you fell.
Pass it on.
I don't belong.
Some people are wrong.
I won't cry.

Packrat hoarders, pro choice aborters,
two faced home wreckers, voodoo curses,
retired lazy old nurses.

Deaf & Blind, racist & unkind, poor & unemployed.
Broke & exploited. Dumb, old, ugly, & fat.
Dirty stinking rat.
Piles & piles of crap.

College professors, real estate investors,
coaches, cockroaches, poachers, perverts & whores,
meat eating caravores.
Bums & addicts drunks & fanatics,
obsessive compulsive, stalkers too possessive,
insane aggressive.

(Author Notes :
Partially true, could be your family.)

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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