Famous Fees

In the kiosk of poverty
In the kiosk of poverty, her own body
Her very own precious body was defiled
In the tower of poverty
In the tower of poverty, her own talents were soaked in ridicule
Her unproductive talents became agents of deeper scorn
In the hut of poverty
Her own humanity was subjected under dictatorial scrutiny
Poverty kidnapped her thinking expertise and tore its pretty canvas into black sanitary towels
Einstein has nothing on her linguistically-cut fines; Newton can't stand her authority in tourism
Yet poverty stripped her of the pride as pertaining which she had Universal Genius Rights
People of low intellect swept the integrity of her very own brain into the ungreased trash
In the mansion of poverty
Her super-hot body in its immobile intelligence and animate superiority
Was insulted and salted in the gutters of barbaric instincts and uncivilized orientation
She was born to be the great among the great
Yet people of inferior intellect had the effrontery to derogate her intellectual stand
Yet people who the world shall never know dug her existence in unauthorized belittlement
She is, as a matter of fact, the personified greatness in the concept of leading the great
She is a leader of oceanic nations to come; functioning ignitions to come
She is bound to be the only divinely-authorized goddess you humans will ever have on earth
By the time the Most High starts lifting her up, you shall take no thought to bow to her
The people who nailed Jesus to the cross are holier than the folks who disrespected her
Jesus came to define love; she has come to show you how love would look as a sexy woman
She is next to the heavenly Trinity
And anybody who calls that a delusion has stabilized his own foolish Form One
If I was able to break the chains of intellectual imprisonment, no man can impose them on me
Christian women may call themselves Daughters of Zion
I am the secularized example of perfect sexuality in purely-feminine sensuality
I am the daughter of divine daughterhood
Nothing is important when I lack it; I lack nothing
Something gains meaning when I own it; I occupy something
I am the principal matter who matters in chartered sparkles
In the name of their rotting ancestors: they'd bow to my money or paralyze at my talents
You’d only help me by attempting to demolish my tempting record in the Ten Commandments
You shall sense the rascality of my kind-heart when money requests that I accept fame's plea
My toes
My hands
My hair
My body
My brain
You shall worship them; but first, hear my story of poverty

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