Fantasy of Her

I've never met a woman,
who could cause me to feel the way I do.
It was a sudden impact to my heart,
Cupid shot my chest & it went straight through.
Once the arrow hit, there was no doubt that I was hooked.
Seductively Gorgeous, is the only way I can describe
her, and how she looked.
That was the moment I first laid eyes,
on a woman so heavenly pure.
She had lips that were luscious & lethal,
consuming me like a poisonous cure.
Her kiss would infect me instantly on contact,
weakening me right at the knees.
I Watched as she trapped me in her honeycomb,
I became a servant for the Queen Bee.
As soon as we locked eyes,
She suddenly looped me in a trance.
The way her body moves, like she's breaking all the rules,
As she slowly started to dance.
Just like a deadly Siren,
pulling in an unsuspecting ship.
There was no escaping this Venus Fly Trap,
once she had me in her grip.
My eyes locked on her,
watching every move she makes.
Just from the slightest touch of her hand,
instantly gave my body the shakes.
Meeting a woman so deadly,
was something I hadn't even planned.
A hypnotizing spell I couldn't break from,
as I obeyed her every command.
Everything about this woman consumed me,
even the style of her hair.
She was persistent to keep me in her spell,
as her eyes started to glare.
Her voice was even more intoxicating,
as she formed her lips to speak.
The sound of her voice was like a spell binding tone,
and it continued to make me weak.
I was locked within her grip,
her whispers humming in my ear like a kittens purr.
She would keep me in her arms and smile,
knowing that I belonged to her.
I am forever a slave to this woman,
my Seductive Mistress & Goddess of Ecstasy.
She's the one I've always needed in my life,
the Queen that rules over my Fantasy.

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