Do you ever think of me?
In the chaos inside your mind
Which currently lacks rhythm or rhyme
And where peace is hard to find.
Do you wonder how I'm doing?
If the world is being kind
If I've found ways to pass the time
If questions of your mind are clouding mine.

Do you worry about tomorrow?
If my heart will love you still
If distance will change how I feel
If what we have is even real.
And What if it really isn't?
Are we living a depiction
Of a love based on fiction
Solely built from physical tension.
But what if it really is real?
Is our love truly Divine
Two souls fatefully entwined
Destined to find each other in time.

Do you ask yourself these questions?
Is confusion your daily motivation
To get to the bottom of this equation
And hopefully ease the emotional frustration.

I Most Certainly Do! Wonder About You!

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