High nights,
Drunken fights,
Will we never see the light.
How can you watch me fall
For all that we have done
I thought that I have heard your call;
and now it's like I'm on the run.
You were all that was good to me
Baby please is all scream.
How I wish that you could see
The solution that resides only in my dream.
Once upon a time,
With everything we said or did,
Back before the rain, everything was fine.
All that you say is your glad you're rid of me;
Can't you see where you've drawn the line.
I don't understand what I did wrong;
So now here I stand just holding this gun.
I hope you'll understand what I meant from this song.
I know now that I was at fault,
That I could never breathe.
My heart is now locked in a vault,
And in it I do sheathe.
This blade and my eyes will never see,
The light that shines in your eyes;
Don't ever shed a tear for me.

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