Farewell – 31

Shining bright be the stars of our yesterdays;
Once we soared through our fragmented dreams.
To run far from the forgone promises,
To leave this world insular and unforgiving—
ce n’est pas pour moi.
I will forgive.
Let it pass, breathe deeper, reach farther,
recapture spirits that dispersed as kindred
yet tarnished by ash.
There, I left myself as I was to you;
Off to find something of fire.
But time doesn’t ware thin as one might wish,
Hands march forward like be-suited dictators,
And so, life bleeds through to the ether.
And so, farewell it be.
Me, unable to share
your sacred mind as not one ever has;
For simply I am now
an associate in the rotation of your world.

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