FAREWELL GRANDMA The Last Ride of Rosemis Lovience Lewis

I just got the news my grandma is dead the precious soul that feed me
They told me that she is lying at Rambally funeral home so let it be
I must make my way to Grand Ma book me on the first flight home
Grandpa Leslie was gone for quite a long time on high with the saints
It is now time for the reunion to begin the circle of love is united

Grandpa Leslie Lewis a fisherman husbandman unique and noble
Left his kin and journeyed to channels where he reside with his bride
He fish the waters of Pwindaykye his generosity knows no bound
The people all love him not because he was the governor's brother
But because he was kind generous and strong at heart you see

I look down at Grandma lying in her crib she was smiling at me
I knew that if I utter a word she would hear me don’t ask me how
Previously in my dreams, Grand Ma came to me a secret she did whisper
Child, she said if you look up with a prayer I am looking down you see
So I knew my grandma would hear so I whisper Grand Ma I love you

Looking up at grandma my tears fell like rain dripping down her chick
And I gently wipe away the water from her brow oh so gently
Soon it will be time to take her to her last ride and cease her fight
Grand Ma life journey spend it in a little hamlet made for two
I am afraid her gathering will be pitiful but Grand Ma I will be there

To the church of St. Lucy upon the Arendell hill there she lay her head
I came to bid her farewell for one last time my eyes lit up like a dime
Three scores and ten volunteered to be her pole bearer and so did I
The church-filled dignitaries and well-wishers pave the seats
The family was seated in the front row I took my seat beside them

Fifth Prime Minister Sir Vaugh Allen Lewis and uncle barrister at Law
Victor Lewis joins the mourning Grand Ma Leslie would be proud
I took my turn to carry GrandMa as she glide upon our shoulders
Grandpa Lewis's extended family did not fail him the family is strong
We buried her in the choix cemetery placing there a marble stone

I will never forget that day Grand Ma Rosemis Lewis pass away
I am here to write her melody the singing queen of Channels
There will never be another so adventurous and so bold as told
Good-by Grand Ma I will meet you soon in the glory land, not this world

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Key Words : Love, Faith

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My grandmother was a heck of a woman, she loved me beyond compare, i love her with a passon untill i join with her in glory land.