Farewell, My Dear

I will love you always and forever
And though I set forth on my endeavors
Leaving behind you, my lover
There will never be another
To care for me quite like you do.
I'll be back soon so please don't fret.
No need for a sorrowful string quartet.
While arguments pass
Much like the law of conservation of mass
My love for you cannot be destroyed.
But love for you keeps being created.
Each day I love you more and more
A feeling I simply cannot ignore.
So, please my love, don't ever stray
Because I just can't stay away.
Not for long however.
I must go,
I want to stay.
I will yearn for the day
I am back in your embrace.
I miss you when you're far,
And adore you when you're near.
I must bid you farewell my dear.

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