Farewell My Friends

Farewell My Friends

Today you came together,
To bid your last farewell.
Flags got waved and pipes were played,
Some stories you did tell.

The bugler now, has called out Taps,
It’s time to end the show.
However, please allow me,
These few words before I go.

Some say I’m of a unique breed,
Sown from a different crop.
I saw a harsher world than most,
That’s why I was a cop.

Deep down I knew the world is good,
But saw the evil too.
And somewhere in my mind, I thought,
There’s something I can do.

To put some bad guys behind bars,
To work the streets so wild.
Prevent a crime, or reunite,
A parent with their child.

I did my best to live the creed,
To serve, and to protect.
Never passing judgment,
Always treating with respect.

I beg that you forgive me,
The shortfalls I have had.
For times when I was cynical,
Or came across as mad.

There is no higher calling,
We truly have been blessed.
I know you’ll keep on honoring,
The badge upon your chest.

Now, as for my family,
I place them in your care.
Help them fill, within their hearts,
The void that I’ve left there.

Stop by sometime to see them,
Wherever they may be.
And tenderly remind them,
How they meant so much to me.

What’s now is temporary,
That’s the way it’s always been.
Don’t think it merely as goodbye,
It’s ‘Til we meet again.

So please don’t shed too many tears,
Replace your hurt with love.
God called and I’ve responded,
To patrol my beat above.

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