Farewell, Sergeant

Touch me; I fed off your fingertips
The most innocent, gentle presence;
Your voice got inside me with every sentence
An angelic glow surrounds you when we talk in my temporary rest
Even though yours is final
I'll push to the side the withered daisies and lay fresh roses
I'll stand next to the polished rock while you lay below this
It's funny how just six feet can determine so much
A sincere-ridden two-minute phone call that changed everything
Will always be more than a phone bill
As the messager spoke,"It's too late," the world stood still
I can't believe it still won't spin
Screw an apocalypse, I can feel the marrow in my bones sizzle
The foggy sky's drony drizzle set the scene for what used to be my
Blue bird tweeting, golden sunrise
Waking up staring into the seas that were your hazel eyes
As the headstone states:Gone, but not forgotten
I'm in love with you, even though your flesh is rotten

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