I am a doctor by profession and a lover by religion
I’ve mended millions of heart by the magical touch of my very steady hands
but Farouk had caged hers in Iraqi torture chambers literally and metaphorically for as long as I can remember the spendthrift nights in a the club
she had darkness in her eyes
it reminded me of death
I was as bright as sun maybe we could have walked hand-in-hand on a sunny day on the beaches of California
she had gashes across her body
it appeared like an old wooden bark of Rosewood
But I was a porcelain figure
maybe my hands could hide the scars and turn her into tendril entangled on to me
she wasn’t ready to get naked in front of doctors who needed to treat her ,cut her off her misery she had fought us screamed as if her life depended on it if anyone went near her
I could see raw pain in her eyes
she won’t let any man near her
I was friends with the surgeon who could help me transform into a woman and maybe then I could have touched pale skin comforted her and felt her pure soul I had immediately had a connection with
Oh how I wish!
I watched her the whole month through surgeries and even counseling
I would sneak into her room to sleep on the sofa beside
as she lay silently
the monitors beeping and moonlight shining on her ugly face
I knew she was my soulmate
As last evening she had gone to the beach with her counselor and I had followed her footsteps in the water
water has memory doesn’t it
it reminded me of love
the fragrance I had suppressed under the rugs thirty years ago when my wife died
Was she HER
I never spoke to her maybe she felt the same way

I bet her voice is hoarse but sweet to my ears sweet to thirty years of hatred that has now become a part of me maybe we were meant to be or maybe we weren’t
She was shipped off 6396 miles across the world
but she locked eyes before leaving me forever and that felt like thousand years together!So was she her?
Or was she just an Iraqi refugee
Did I miss HER?
Did I forget to recognize the love of my life ?

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