“Fat chance,” she hissed.

“Fat chance,” she hissed

“That could never happen for me!”

The fairy cringed as she heard someone’s freedom dismissed

The fairy approached her and said, “what is life if not lived meaningfully?”

The hissing woman looked at the fairy startled by the question

The fairy then asked her, “Do you think you could not take everyone away from mediocrity?”

The hissing woman liked the sound of the fairy’s suggestion

But the question was ultimately about getting better and regaining power

The hissing woman decided she’d take a step back for her lack of more positive introspection

The fairy assured her, “Life’s no fun if you never smile because you’re too busy pouting”

But the hissing woman didn’t know how to find the strength to stop the sadness

Before the fairy departed, she said to the hissing woman, “you have the power within you”

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