Fatal Attraction Full Version

One will be new in the afterlife. The time is due has
changed to through the portal among all souls.
Forbidden done could move shouldn't be ever to
repeat once more, action doom sat in there soon to
being buried in the residual apparition of the
moonlight. Long nightly bring freighting images
smokescreen shadowing clouds, beam up from a
community scene a white light of angels dream.
That it does signify that many things became aged
through the centuries of darkness a sudden rise; of
visitation to the necromancy temple of the horned
gods. Often these would be events attended by the
many thousands of patrons,
supporting the release page rerun of a faith almost
nonexistent. However, still could be done
illusionary conjuring affect of spells by omission
the enforcement camera angle; fixed in will tell a
climax mourning by this story a forged recording
absorption remains of the portion half sorting.
The figures out that are boring labeling the
packages of the pros and cons; as a dependable sufficient
able body nonreligious and religious virtue.
That would be wrong changing that is the name then being
the black flame in it is. Undone so much more
important of course then boarding.
The train when without the proper knowledge to an
unknown location is somewhat worrisome factor.
Understood the devastation of
broken thoughts holding on to them is even more the more;
worrying part not so good. Begin to press pause
for the cause and effect heck to digress.

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Not to sure what this section is for. Am I being asked to describe the details of the poem?