Fatal Flaws

Humanity, together and connected,
yet equality is all but rejected.
Lives taken in a senseless manner,
all because of a useless banner.

Wars waged for wrong reasons,
against humanity are these treasons.
Senseless murder held high in glory,
peace growing ever weary.

Hate! The fatal flaw of humanity,
countless lose their sanity.
Difference targeted as the enemy,
where peace is the true remedy.

Hate and intolerance the world encased,
race, religion and politics based.
This be the fatal flaw of humanity,
its everlasting vanity.

More than anger, the world needs kindness,
taken away from all the hateful blindness.
More than religion, the world needs acceptance,
so peace may have its everlasting presence.

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This Poems Story

I am an eighteen-year-old high school student. Poetry, for me, is an escape. I have learned to put my emotions into the poems I write. Everything I write has a personal connection. I wrote "Fatal Flaws" as an expression of my humanitarian views. We are all humans and must learn to accept and live with one another if peace is to ever take hold on humanity. This is the message I wanted to relay. "Fatal Flaws" is my belief as a humanitarian places as words onto paper.