Staring into the eyes of fate.
His eyes are cold, a dark icy blue.
I'm on a ledge and I am then told to jump.
I look down and cannot see within ten feet of me.
There is an aching pain in my heart.
Its warmth and throb are becoming slower,
And the pain grows increasingly sharper.
Fate tells me that he is draining the kerosene,
the flame in my heart.
Suddenly I cannot breathe.
My lungs feel like they are on fire in desperate need of oxygen.
Fate says that if I jump, the pain will end, but I will die.
I cannot die.
If I can find some way to lesson the pain, I will survive.
My thoughts are growing cloudy.
My vision is blurring and nothing is making sense.
I feel as if I am drowning.
I'm so cold.
My heart stops.
I fall forward and feel warmth as I plummet downwards.
My soul escapes.

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