Fate is a peculiar and misunderstood Mistress
She guides us along the winding and jarring path of life
Never directly interfering for that is not her way
She prefers to guide us gently along throughout our days

Her ever weary eyes watches our every twist and turn
Setting forth our path ahead based on our decisions and meanings
She gives us what we need and deserve to continue along
Whispering gently into our ear letting us know to which path we belong

Never curse nor speak her name in hate or vain
She is merely the conductor in our symphony of life
It is we who must determine whether to follow her plan
She simply redirects our path when we choose to make a stand

You see we all have free will given to us as a gift
Whether or not we choose to use it is our choice alone
Fate will give you chances and choices after all
However it is up to you whether you will answer her call

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