Fate holds sway over me. I want to believe
in an eternity of certainty, a place where I know
that there is a plan even when there isn't one.
Of course I believe. What else is there to do?
I didn't expect to meet you, to love you.
No romance fit into my plans before you.
Time worked itself into my hands. I held it
only for you. That was the way it was.

Fate led me to you, you also to me,
and we became a strong pair
more in love than anyone else could be.
Happiness was ours. We lived it.
I believe that everything happens for a reason,
that even the horrors have a purpose
and that our years together were not wasted,
even when you are no longer by my side.

Fate left me alone in a world where you
no longer existed. My heart ached,
a scar etched on my soul, unbearable,
the part of me I could never get back.
But I kept believing that no matter what,
Fate would someday treat me kindly
and reward me for my patience.
I would be returned to you in time.

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