Fate contemplated

Depraved and moribund in a nocturnal state of emergency and procreation playing basketball ball in the courts of our minds. Parallel existence in the realm of the revolutionaries and hermaphrodites, magical thinking, drinking grenadine and green tea contemplating suicide on the balcony. Super grandmaster stratosphere in pink and electric blue making love to astroids along the distant shore. Aliens with antennas and big gaping black eyes riding Helicopters hydroplaning to sunny pastel candy coated Cotton confection in the clouds of your contemplation.
Your conclusions and in the heat of the night I was his only solution to a bitter series of unfortunate events that took the seashells from the ivory of my tea cup sized breast
He spit on my face and I asked for more. Living off candy bars under the sycamore . My wanderlust wonderland . Apples of evolution , self deluted temporary solutions, walk the walk of the new prostitution. Criminals are carnivores gang banging in institutions trying to have a counter-revolution. The forbidden foreboding folklore of my flat lining existence into the soft shores of my moral resistance dedicated to my lost innocence the day I beat down the monsters with swollen lips and harlot hips.

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