Fate of a Simple Man

Forever forget fatale a la femme,
As she will never run back to him.
Her fateful gifts are of liberal offerings.
For she is endowed to heap generous scoffings.
Her told tale of him musters
More laughter than tears,
And jeers, and all the rest,
That a simple man fears.
His mass reaches far,
For the measure of masculine.
Achieving instead,
What's generously feminine.
The gentleman's struggle,
Testosterone vs. Estrogen.
Fends the urge for the need of
Powerfully dosed oxytocin.
Sans sense to retreat,
From the toxic elixir,
And so powerfully potent,
When is added the fixer.
The dopamine machine gleams,
An intense, passing high ,
But lingers not through them,
The lasting burdensome plight.
{Only slaves to these desires,
With a master of fire.}
The game of give and take,
When real life and the game,
And the love that it makes,
Become one and the same.

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