Father: The Abuser,
You are now an emptiness to me,
Soon, you'll breathe your last breath,
I won't shed a sing tear when I get the phone call,
I won't be there to witness it,
To see life evading from your eyes,
When you die, you'll return to dust,
As you were when you've entered the earth,
It'll be like a part of my suffering is gone,
I've shattered every good memory between us,
Like it never existed,
If there was a Hell,
You would decay in the first five seconds,
As you touch the fiery gates,
Before you got the chance to meet the Real Devil,
You don't even have a relationship with your
Two older kids, my half siblings,
And you put on a front, like it doesn't bother you,
As hard as it's to believe,
You're not made out of tin...

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