Fury in his eyes,
like nothing I've ever seen,
a father's supposed to keep you safe,
but what if he is the one you need saving from?
A swing like a bat,
when his hand hits
your face,
a voice like car speakers when the volume is turned all the way up,
is his yelling at you for not being good enough,
but you try the best you can,
and it still seems to not be good enough!
What if your best will never be good enough!
It's time to put your foot down,
to the fury that is his voice,
to the fury that is your father,
no longer be afraid,
for he cannot touch you,
you have a army standing behind you!
So do it, tell him!
Tell him that you are not afraid,
tell him that he cannot do this to you anymore!
Do not be afraid!

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The title pretty much explains itself.