Not knowing the definition of one.
The creation of one spawned desperation .
What I knew would not suite me.
This cycle could not continue someone please shoot me.
It could be that guy, or him, or.
Are you my daddy.
How could I be the epitome.
Of a good man, only something I've seen on tv.
What did I know about being a good man.
I heard many time how you beat a woman.
Is that was love was.
Took less than six months before you left us.
You gave me your name and we look alike.
Sometimes I'd think I see while on my bike.
With the hopes of a hug, and truth to the lies.
But with every new life an old one dies.
He was born in September.
The love exchanged with his first glance.
I knew I would never blow this chance.
You made it seem so hard.
Like being a good man was prison with an armed guard.
It was your choice to go sadly.
But without you there I learned how to be a daddy.

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