Father from Hell

Oh father how dare you! Treat me like crap
Your the father from hell . Your the one who
Gave me my first beating your the one who
Gave me my first black and blue bruises

Your the father from hell,how can you be my
Father if you can't treat me right your the father
From hell your the father that putme through hell,
Your the one who made my mommy cry the first

Time you hurt my mommy,you hurt the whole family
You put the whole family in danger. Your the father
From hell,your the one who gave us our first black
And blue bruises you put us through a rough life,an

A rough time,you never gave us your support,you never
Care,you never share your the father from hell. You never
Cae about our feelings you never show your feelings,you
Never care,you never share,your the father from hell I'll know
That you'll never be the same father


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