Father I See You

A scream in the night, an unsettled fight
You blanket my shoulders in peace
With sweat on your brow, you fall to your knees
And thank the Lord there's been times you've felt colder
Salt water droplets in the night fall in unison with unbroken silence
Kept secret to give you comfort
But father, I feel your soul
Wherever you go, it may not seem so but I follow
I feel your pain, but I bathe in your love
Every day I see the breath that you swallow
This life passes down your throat like a stream of success and defeat
Composing a piece you may never hear
But the echo will meet eternity and I call it the purest symphony
Built on a string of sweat, sewn with callused hands
Your aching harmony whispers life like a gentle heartbeat
You see father, there is a light that never goes out
Your sweetness has been feeding souls far past your vision
In an empty room words have been left unspoken
Because words unspoken are words that cannot be shook
So I've kept them locked in fear of the drop
But with you lies my safety, an unbreakable foundation
Father forgive me for at times I forget
Scared to let go, eyes open I see
Your outreached hand a reminder
Your blanket of peace will set me free
And I am no longer scared to jump

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