Father Time

This is where time begins.
This is where it never ends.
Time is our enemy.
Time is our friend.
Time is agienst us all in the end.
When the time comes for us to fight.
We shall bow before his might for he is Father Time.
This is time,this is life.
Just in it's cause knowing all was worth the cost.
Love the time,it's counting down to an endless wonder.
A wonder ment for no mortal eyes.
Only the soul that binds us to another life.
This is Father Time.
Time wrote the lines we walk
Only to know where it leads.
Not leading us astray,keeping us on the path of truth.
A truth to ourselves that we can never dare to hold.
Knowing whats right in our soul.
This is the path not ment for any mortal man.
So do as I say follow time like it is your last.
It will lead you through the ruins of man.
The hurt that we can't with stand.
So it said in this life or the next.
Time is the essence of all things to come.
All will know his creed for he is Father Time.
Time is the key to salvation.

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