Father Time

I asked, "Father Time, are you going to pay a single dime,
for your crime?
I went forward too fast and now you are taking me back.
Your calculations don't add up. My math however, is exact.
Isn't that a fact?
These hips these thighs told lies. I was not yet wise.
All I wanted to do was play. What happened. I dare not say.
Father Time are you going to pay a single dime for your crime!?"
Father Time replied, "I have no money, I have no riches. I
can't give you glory, nor fame.
You will probably die, with many not knowing your name.
But, I can do one thing and one thing only.
The power I do posses is, I can turn back my hands;
this should rectify your misfortune, as well as my crime.
The years since your birth will not show on your face.
It will take another direction.
It will be consumed in another place.
When you speak others will contemplate your age.
Don't become irate or filled with rage.
Simply run, dance and play.
You will get more time to do this then most.
However, it won't last forever.
So, embrace the angelic face only a child could possess.
You need not look grown up; so don't become obsessed.
I will hold my hands back as long as I can,
even when they grow weary.
But the day will come when they give way.
Just be grateful, that day is not today."

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