Father vs Dad

Stop, because your hurting me-
Your making me bleed pain,.
My eyes and soul can't even commit to your abuse:not me, not you, not her.
We can see your shadow, we can hear your pain;
your not fooling anyone but yourself.
I caught you;
My idea of you was right,
My interpretation of you was correct.
I need you when you're not here;
I need you, more than they need you.
I call unto you, but you act like you can't hear me-
because I'm trapped, I'm buried in all your flaws.
It's all wrong, and I just can't see myself seeing pass it.
I love you, Dad, but you're not here. Don't think
when I become something that you're getting a share; you're not.
You're there, when you should be hear. What to do when I
see you, when I call, when I cry your name?
Pain is all I see and hear when they talk about you.
Then, he comes along and takes your place.
I'm his princess in his royal castle, they are good together.
I still have to honor you, because that's how she raised me.
I'm pretentious without you.
You missed out and you weren't here-
Not even at my graduation.
What a humiliation. Devastation!

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