Fatherless Child

At times I feel like a fatherless child,
Thank you God for my mother to make me smile.
She is my mother and my father in one,
Whenever I needed her, to my side she would come.
My father, he left when I was very young,
With no phone calls or questions of the well-being of his son.
I went through my childhood trying to understand,
How he could vanish and desert me, and not be a man.
A man of his actions, and a father to his first born,
The only thing he ever gave me is a heart that is scorned.
I admit, it hurts, and many times I have cried,
Unlike so many others, a father I was denied.
I often wondered how it would be if he was around,
Would I be better off or be standing on a more solid ground.
I don't know his intentions, or what he felt inside,
I don't know if he loves me, or even care if I died.
I know I must forgive, but forgetting is so hard,
I guess in the game of life, I was dealt a bad card.
But now I'm grown up and don't worry so much,
about the absence of his presence, or the feel of his touch.
I forgive him, I'm better now, and it did take a while,
But I still have moments I feel like a fatherless child.

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