Fathoms of 95

Can't hide wat ya goin' through
Dat abuse
Had put a mental block on you
If I had really ever known
It wuz you
I'd crush da faces
Of those who walked past da view
Of times dat
Collide wit dey simple mind
A scaled design
A price ta pay
When you close your eyes
And drove limitless
On cadallactic trips
When you ventured past
Da moon and stars zip
All da way past da cloudy sky
N pray dat salvation had made way
I don't know the struggle of da highs n lows
And da life dat da future holds
But our past is dropped
In era's of time befo'
I crossed paths, when I seen divine
beauty withheld a piece of mind
A fragment ta chip away
All of da devils lies
A melodic tune yo ancestors speak
N foreva have you made my body weak
Enough love to make me fall
Heel and knees
I would rather
Ya be happy in a shady place
Than ta be angry in a tranquil phase
I heard most
But neva had I ran across
A race I knew wuz already lost
Maybe I'll be there fo' another queen
One who wuz ready to serve this royalty
Mentally n physically peek into my bodies stress
Da duress
As you make my body rest, n caress
Da deeper holes of flesh
N I could put a baby bird inside ya nest
Nestle in time to bear da fruits of best
N da love rolls on by
As it grows up inside
It stretch its wings to fly
Spreading love over da edge of life
It glides through all da grief
I'll give you soul
As long as my body breathes
I've known you from da start
Da weight of your love
Strengthen my heart

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