Fault in Our Stars

Fault in our stars
Faults in who we are
I know you are terribly afraid
Our eyes meeting is what you feared
I know you say you are a grenade
But I am an atomic bomb without you
Our feelings combined can cause a chemical warfare
If love is a battlefield
Then I am your soldier, so let us go to war
You talk about preventing casualties
So let us not casually act like we don't love each other
Let's let our love grow as rapidly as my heart beats for you
Let's get engulfed in words that would end our nights so happily
Let me conquer all odds that you have thrown at me
I know taking a chance on love is a shot in the dark
I'm the not type to have a relationship held together with lies
And not expect it to fall apart
But let's take this chance
And if you forget what you mean to me
I vow to constantly remind you
Baby if you get lost in this world
Then let my love guide you
If you need a destination
Just know that me and my arms is where you can come cry to

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