Higher higher the eagle flies
Softer softer the soldiers cried
Hurray hurray the enemy died
Swiftly swiftly the towers fell
Defeat defeat our faces read
Fight fight our nation cried
War war the soldiers died
Vengeance vengeance the people cried
Justice justice will come in time
Peace peace Lady Liberty cries
End end we cannot find
Pleading pleading on our knees
Heavens heavens set us free
Save us save us from a nation of lies
Deceit deceit we follow blind
Free us free us our children will cry
Oh this world this world we leave behind
Downward downward the eagle flies
Softer softer the soldiers died
Hurray hurray the enemy cried
America America
We tried we failed.

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This Poems Story

I'm a country girl from Kansas. We are about as American as it can get. It makes me sick to think that our great country is slipping down a steep slope. I love this country and I'm so proud to be an American. That's partly what this poem is about. It's about the people just following blindly what government tells them is right. We should be thinking for ourselves and making this country whole again. I don't want the lines in this poem to come true, but I'm afraid it's inevitable!