Favorite Place

One of my favorite places in the world is
in the pauses in each of your sentences.
The little spaces of you catching up to your breath whether you are
excited, sad, tired, mad, or worried;
it means you choose to share every stop before you
kick start each word with me.

For someone who used to live in between people’s pauses,
I used to hold my breath wondering if each un-pause would
break me before it actually did.
One day, you asked me if I’d like to move in because you actually like me.
Each breath sounds like swooshing waves, it’s like I’m living at the beach.
I love the sea, I do.

My body floats like a boat every time you speak,
my inner child runs wild because you accepted my baggage and brought me home.
That was when I realized that I am free in your pauses more than
I ever will in my free speech because now, I live in between your-

Hi….it’s nice to meet you.
You’re amazing…..here’s a gold star.
Do you want to…..get ice cream later?
You…..you are the reason.
Babe…..are you home yet?
Then, I would say, yet? But I never even left.

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