Making my people feel substandard
Persuading the American population that we're criminals
The whites hating our hustle
We're human beings too
Many of us need to feed our family
While trump feeds your minds with evil
Hispanics are just trying to overcome the poverty
Latinos are just looking for a better future
Afraid to show their pride
Police harassing mexicans only because they can't speak english
You make us feel defective to society
Hard working, yet living with fear
Always looking over they shoulder
You call us illegal aliens and wet backs
Not understanding our struggle
We've never had much, Uncle Sam took it all
Took our land, and can't respect us
We were here before the white man
I'm speaking behalf of my people
Donald is wealthy but inside he's worthless
Trump bringing hate our way
He's wicked with a corrupt heart
Turning Americans the same
Make America great again?
More like America in shambles, if this phony wins
It's already a war within us that trump started
His ignorance will bring America too its feet
Fuck donald trump

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