What is this feeling,
I don’t remember,
Why can’t I move,
My heart is racing,
I’m breathing hard,
This man in front of me,
He is holding a knife in his right hand,
Blood is covering and dripping from the knife,
He has a huge smile on his face,
His teeth are so white they can blind you,
His eyes are blood lust red,
He is wearing a tux,
How is he so clean.

I take a step back,
He takes two steps forward,
I take another step back,
But I trip and fall on my ass,
I look up,
There he is,
Standing over me,
Now I remember what is this feeling,
It’s fear,
I wake up,
All sweaty and my heart racing,
I start to freak out,
I look around my room,
In the far corner,
I see a tall shadow,
My heart races more,
I grab my pillow,
Right then and there,
I feel his cold hands holding my wrist,
I start to cry streams,
He puts his other hand on my face,
Slowly wiping my tears away,
His face slowly gets closer,
I start to scream,
Then I feel his soft cold lips,
The words that I feared to say came out,
“I love you”.

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This Poems Story

Daniella always feared That if someone gets to close to her the three words would come out.