These fingers
Not surprising
With these eyes and
Cries and
That just won’t go away
Or fray
Like days
That pass and pay
The price.
Alright, alright
I get it get it
These things happen
Don’t you fret it
But I have slight indignation
At this conversation
I am losing patience
Can’t I get my rage out
Scream and effortlessly shout
Take my life a different route
Fear is taking over now
Riding and trying me
Trying to erase me
Overtake me
Decimate me
And degrade me
This is crazy
I don’t wanna be erased
I don’t wanna be a slate
That is empty but irate
And soon there will be a time
That tries
And makes me cry
And ruins all my rhymes
The crime
That gives me terrors day and night
And puts me in eternal fright

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