I hate it when people look at me.
And all they ever do is judge,
Judge my ability, what I can and cannot do.
One failure is all it takes for them to feast one me.
Sometimes I just sit there
And let the fear inside me grow bigger, bigger, bigger.
I'm so scared of failing, of being normal,
Of not succeeding.
I hate it when people shout at me.
It brings me back to my childhood.
Sometimes I wonder why I can't think of a single
Happy memory from my childhood.
Footsteps, money, grades.
Staircases, balcony, jump.
Sorrows cloud my mind, heart, and soul.
School,home. I never feel safe.
Maybe I'm just
Weak and childish.
Dramatic and immature.
The people, I have to please the, everyone.
I'm responsible for their happiness.
"Nevet let your smile fades away,
Make other people feel good."
Complaints, complaints.
I'm a false model
That must be destroyed.

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