To fear is what protects us
the loss of fear propels you
the fear of something protects you
the lack of fear may hurt you
yet not having fear to show
makes you fear what you can do
it makes you know that you need something
that you need fear
to be alive and unwound
without fear you do not think
without fear you only do
without fear you cause hurt
yet you do not feel
without fear you cause pain
yet you do not feel
without fear you become the monster
the Monster that you feared as a child
the monster that destroys
the monster inside becomes all that you are
you must fear one thing
you must fear that you may one day
have no fear
for with no fear you become like me
the monster inside that has taken you
the monster that you never wanted to become
the monster that causes pain to others
just so it can feel
the monster that seeks what it does not need
in an attempt to fill the void
you become the monster
you become consumed
and all you needed was to accept fear
not to laugh at it
but to accept that life is what you need
fear protects
without that you cannot feel
without fear you do not see yourself
you look to the mirror and all you see is emptiness
a shell of a man that once was
a shell of a man that once feared loss
to become the monster seeking loss
the monster that seeks destroys
the monster that you are is the monster that you create
fear that you do not follow me
the path is easy to follow
yet hard to undo
fear for loss do not seek it
and one day your fear
your fear will come back
your fear will help again
you will feel again
the monster will leave you
and you will feel complete

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