My biggest fear in life is in and of myself
I argue in my mind so much it’s literally hell
I hold me back, I keep me down
I fake a smile, so you don’t see me frown.
I’m led astray, I’m way off track.
My heart’s dead, my soul’s black.
I can’t see forest for tree.
I don’t know where I should be.
I try to think but my mind’s a cloud
Why can’t I say these things out loud?
I try to speak but then I choke
My strength is gone, along with hope
Why’s the only thing I look forward to, death?
Is this really all in life that’s left?
I’ve tried and tried to change my mind
But where is there beauty left to find?
When visions blurred by ugly
Wouldn’t death be so lovely?
If death is last and breathe is first
What’s in between except for thirst
I thirst for life; I thirst for love.
Please show me guidance from above
Give me something, worth or answers
Instead of thoughts that spread like cancers
Now that my thoughts are front and center
Abandon all hope, ye who enter

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