When asked a difficult question I ponder at my thought,
should I say what feel, or just what I've been taught,
For instance yesterday I was asked "what's your biggest fear?"
I paused and contemplate over my 17 years,
maybe it's the spiders that hide underneath my bed,
or quite possibly it's the thought that one day I'll be dead,
deep inside is that feeling that I get when I've been mean,
the reality that maybe this is all just a dream,
Simply I fear the thought of failure
It's always inside my chest I can't breathe where's my inhaler,
I was meant for something more, more then where I've been headed,
this idea is something I've put off and well frankly quite dreaded,
was it the anger inside me that led me this way,
or the cockiness of my mind that's led me astray,
I feel hate, I feel happiness, and everything in between
maybe... that's what makes me a human being.

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