She had strong arms for the taking
Yet she worried about the levees breaking
You could see her soul seeking to be
All that fear made her flee
Far far away from herself, to o many times
Losing oneself is the most unfavorable of crimes
Looking in the mirror she couldn't figure out what she saw
Ready and willing to sell it all
For some resemblance of who she be
What she was, and who, she could not see
Because fear had her wrapped up in bondage so thick
She was a bundle ready to tick
It's funny what emotions can do to you
All the while you have no clue
As she crumbled due to the weight of it
Unaware of her light- that it needed to be lit
Fear itself is afraid of the light
So she fought with all her might
Crawled and crawled, she did
Until she got away from where the darkness hid
Into the sunlight she slid
Saying these four words: get brave or die
Moral of the story: No to fear, Yes to try

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