That love wont love me back
And when it does it will attack
My heart my soul and my life
Sometimes love feels so good that it just isn't right
I'm scared that love really is hate and hate really is love
But who really knows only the man above
I'm scared that love will leave bruises
Because I keep believing thee excuses
That I am always receiving They ask if I love them
I say I cant knowing I can
I'm scared that love will leave me stranded
That love won't be what I hoped for
That love will make me wish I had more
That love would keep slipping
That love will be the reason I'm still unforgiving I'm scared
That once it starts it will end
That we will no longer be friends
Too scared that I'll be hurt once more again
I'm so scared that I'll be left high and dry
That my tears will soon turn to cries Mostly I'm scared
That love will finally get it right
That I'm running out of time
Because this love thing that I keep trying to find
Isn't real I'm just too blind
I sure hope that love would change my mind I'm scared
That I will find the man of my dreams
And he will be everything that I need
But once I fall for him he'll leave I fear love

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