Like a child walking in the dark
Desperately looking for his path back home
Like a bird trapped in a beautiful cage
Crying chants and melodies
Like a prisoner vainly screaming innocent
Waiting for his turn for the Guillotine
Their hearts are pounding
And their mouths are dry
Looking for the same sweet lie called liberty
The embrace of a parent
The blue high sky
Or the opened gates for a better new life
They scream different languages
But cry the same warm tears
Tears of fear
Tears of slavery
Tears of death

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This Poems Story

There are some moments in life when people, me included, find themselves trapped with no way out. Those moments are suffocating and scary so I wanted to create situations where those emotions could be felt like an after taste in the mouth, like a never healing wound deep inside. I was trapped myself and could never see the end of the road so I wrote this poem as a description of how I felt.