Fear Defined

Fear defined.
Is purely a matter of the mind
An emotional belief that someone or something will be unkind
Causing pain; knowing it's only a matter of time
A threat thats perceived to be unavoidable, that leaves you terrified
Naive to think "not us" when that's all you find
But let me take a moment and remind
How my love for you is defined.
It's the sun that shines
A beautiful city's skyline
The taste of fine wine
A great songs baseline
That has me on cloud nine
Does that make me asinine
To feel our hearts are intertwined
Knowing our souls are aligned
Having faith that this is divine
I know the future is as unpredictable as the waves on a shoreline
And the ground I stand on could possibly be a fault line
I am also afraid though there might not be a sign
The thought that your love might decline
The fear of losing my lifeline
Scared you'll sever my hearts bloodline
But I refuse to let that confine
Or hinder this love that is on a constant incline
I know these fears will subside
Because of our loves design
And you will eventually know I am truly yours and you are mine
This is OUR love defined..

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